What's in My Essential Marketing Toolbox?

When you hear the word toolbox, an image of a hammer or screwdriver may come to mind. As a marketer, I rely on a completely different type of toolbox.

When you hear the word toolbox, an image of a hammer or screwdriver may come to mind.  While these may be essential for a carpenter, as a marketer, I rely on a completely different type of toolbox.

My Organization Tool

I am a list maker.  Without a task list, I wouldn’t even know where to start my day and surely, I would forget at least five things I have to do.  My favorite tool to keep me organized is Microsoft OneNote.  It’s perfect for the pen and paper users who love the format of a “5-subject” notebook , except, it’s online.  This digital notebook has a section for each client and pages within for my active projects.  I keep one section reserved for my To Do list, which is the first thing I open each day.  What’s also great, is you can share pages, sections and whole notebooks with your team, so everyone has access to the same information. OneNote is accessible on your desktop, laptop, tablet and phone.  I just love this tool.

My “Can’t Live Without” Tools

As a designer, it is important to have every possible resource handy to create digitally what’s already been developed in my head.  For this, I worship the Adobe gods as they have provided the best selection of applications any designer could possibly want.  My favorites are InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, but I can’t imagine not having Dreamweaver in my arsenal either.  We maintain a team subscription which gives each member of my staff full access to any and all products made by Adobe.  Since it’s a cloud-based solution, we always have the latest versions of all the programs.  It’s expensive, but so worth it.

Cheat Sheet Tools

I have come to realize that I am no longer capable of remembering every last detail to every conversation I’ve had.   So I need to keep important notes handy.  When I say important, I am talking about certain phone numbers, websites, people’s names, just about any detail that I don’t want to have to search for every time I need it.  I am a bit old fashioned with this one.  I keep a hand-written list in my desk drawer so I can easily grab it and get what I need.  Don’t judge.  We all have our ways of making things easier, however archaic.

Other Tricks in My Bag

Keeping the well of creativity full can sometimes be a challenge.  Inspiration can be drawn from so many places.  For me, I have a special playlist on my iTunes, Pinterest Boards in all different categories, and several magazines that have nothing to do with work.  In the summer, I make a point of going into my garden every day.  I pick a few weeds and look to see if there are any vegetables ready for the picking.  In the colder weather, I take a few minutes to snuggle with any one of my three dogs or my cat that visits my office, at least once a day.  Sometimes you just have to walk away, do something different and come back refreshed.

Final Notes

I spend 60-70 hours a week sitting at my desk, getting the job done.  While I absolutely love what I do, I have to surround myself with the right resources to be sure I am working with the best advantages possible. Technology is a huge help, but it is also the people I work with that sets us apart.  So thank you to my wonderful Jantris staff for all your hard work and dedication every day.  No toolbox in the world can match what you bring to the company and our clients.

What’s in your essential toolbox?  Let’s have coffee and be an inspiration to each other. Contact me at 203-426-9193 or tfarin@jantris.com to book a date.

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Tricia Farin

As the founder and owner of Jantris Marketing Services, Tricia brings a rare combination of creativity and analytical prowess and maintains a rigorous focus on objectives to ensure business results. Her broad reaching, in-depth knowledge and versatility in the marketing industry are key components to her proven successful track record.