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What you need to know about the recent news feed algorithm update

You may have already heard about the news feed algorithm changes that have been rolling out on Facebook these past few weeks. Facebook’s goal this year is to improve the individual user experience by encouraging interaction and engagement with the people they care about the most.

What does this mean?

First, a little background. Content that shows up on your news feed is powered by “rankings.” Each post or ad is ranked based on your likes, interests, actions and feedback. The content that Facebook thinks you will enjoy will move higher up on your news feed.

This affects business pages because this new system will recognize less public content from publishers and businesses, especially posts with lower engagement and rankings.

Don’t freak out.

Fear not, fellow advertiser. Most of us use Facebook as a fantastic way to target and reach potential customers. This will not change. We simply must alter our strategy a bit to comply with Facebook’s new rules. As your page administrator, we can help!

Here are our suggestions:

  • Encourage your followers to add your page to their “See First” feature. Individuals can select the pages and friends they would like to see content from higher on their feed.
  • Use Facebook Live more often. Statistics show live videos receive 6 times more interactions than any other content.
  • If you have a store front, add your business to the Facebook Local Application. Think Yelp, but Facebook Local combines events and permanent places to a single search engine powered by Facebook’s 70 million business pages plus reviews and friends’ check-ins.
  • Purchase Advertising. The days of organic reach are over, which means you will have to boost your posts or create ads if you want an audience to see it. Familiarize yourself with the Chat Bots feature and other advertising options to harness potential customers.
  • Post less frequently and focus on meaningful posts to get the most engagement. No more pulling teeth with “engagement biting” posts. They don’t work. The ultimate goal is to stimulate natural conversation between fans on your posts. It’s time to get personal!
  • Don’t rely on Facebook for traffic to your website or blog. Facebook users are going to be spending less time scrolling aimlessly through Facebook, and any link to a third-party website won’t be prioritized to the stop of their feed. Consider other options like Google Ad Words to help drive traffic to your website.

Still overwhelmed?

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