Top 5 Marketing Trends for 2017 & How to Get On Board

2017 trends will be all about connecting to the digital world, various platforms, and the interests of your consumers.

It’s no secret that 2016 was a big year for new technological advancements. We’ve been introduced to the intimidating world of virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence connecting humans to their cars and homes, as well as the continuing rise of user-generated content.

These rapid new changes have paved the way for businesses ready to connect to their customers with exciting, innovative campaigns. In this coming year, we will find the world of digital technology becoming more prominent and many businesses will need to adapt to these recent trends.


The different types of digital advertising can be a mysterious realm for many businesses. This year, digital advertising will rise exponentially (especially on mobile platforms) and spending on online advertising will surpass dollars spent on TV or radio advertising. In addition, many businesses will find it’s easier to gain ROI when they can effortlessly select, tailor and analyze their audience via gender, household income, interests and more; a tool that isn’t as easily accessible through print or TV advertising.

GET ON BOARD: Create a unique experience for the user with video, animations and interactive materials to separate you from the rest. The best campaigns to break through the noise are simple, short, slightly comical and punchy.



Whether you like it or not, our world isn’t just considered “mobile-friendly” anymore. We’re rapidly moving towards a world of “mobile only.” This year will be the time for many businesses to catch up with making their websites responsive, creating mobile-friendly emails, and adapting their advertising campaigns to work on mobile devices.

GET ON BOARD: Your website should be easy to access from any device and to navigate for anyone. Make it simple for your consumers to learn about you, contact you or buy your product. Streamline their experience by anticipating their movements and guiding them through the process.



Recently, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has steadily become more available for our every day use. AI technology has a wide range of capabilities, but most often helps us by personally assisting us on our phones, in our cars, in our homes and even suggesting things we may like to purchase from our favorite retail sites.

These “bots” are also collecting our information and using that data to subtly show us ads that apply to our interests. Platforms such as Facebook, Google and Constant Contact have applications set in place to help build advertising campaigns based on your brand, goals and target market.

GET ON BOARD: Once we have created your unique content, consider a cost-effective advertising campaign on Facebook. We can tailor the campaign to target users with specific interests, so your ad will show up for someone who was recently searching for your product or service. It’s more powerful and robust than you think.


Many businesses are struggling with connecting to Millennials, who have grown up in the era of over-sharing content. The saturation of content on social media sites has given us a sense of transparency in the things we share and post. In order to connect more directly with the social generation, we will need to focus more on building trust and a relationship and less on selling.

GET ON BOARD: When planning your campaign, think about talking to your audience as if you were having a conversation between friends. Be a human, not a robot. Show compassion, be friendly, comical, fun and personable. Interact with your consumers and make them feel special.


Focus on including “Immersive Experience” content, which gives users the feeling of being connected to you. Giving people a look inside a day in the life of your business is the best way to create a bond and make them feel like they are a part of something bigger.

GET ON BOARD: Offer a different level of interaction for your consumers, such as:

  • 360 degree videos to transport them to your store
  • Host live workshops to inspire direct engagement
  • Post live-streaming videos for a “behind-the-scenes look”

It’s all about making them feel like they know you personally.


Connecting to the digital world, connecting various platforms, and connecting to the interests of your consumers.

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