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What better way to showcase the various product categories in a store, but through a mailed catalog? How about a digital catalog? Black Swan had been mailing small, 4-page leaflets with products features and seasonal promotions to its customers. Spending a significant budget on printing and mailing costs, we needed to find a better way to showcase all the store has to offer.

We suggested designing a catalog that can be viewed online with a PDF animator. In more than 40 pages, the catalog presented large, photos of furnished rooms, highlighting the items sold in the store. Each spread offered details about the products with links to shop online. In addition, we added video links for the stoves, fireplaces and inserts, along with information on how to choose the right heating appliance,.

Updates were simply a page swap and a re-upload of the updated file, saving tons of money and lots of trees.

Black Swan is a full service heating appliance and home decor store in Newtown and New Milford, Connecticut.