The Jantris Team

Founded in 1998, Jantris Marketing Services is a group of creative, like-minded professionals that are dedicated to delivering beautiful and functional products. We’ve built our reputation on delivering world-class service, while keeping our process focused and simple. We love working with local businesses in our hometown of Newtown, CT, while always welcoming new relationships across the country.

Tricia Farin -Duchess of Delegation

Marketing Strategy & Analytics • Graphic Design
Web Design & Development

As the founder of Jantris, Tricia is at the hub of all creative goings-on and oversees the company’s business development and strategic planning activities. She’s well versed in the art of communication, in tune with business, encouraging of others and, to top it off, she knows how to grow the largest, most delicious zucchini.  After almost two decades under Tricia’s leadership, Jantris is going strong. Pretty impressive when you consider it all started with a couple of desks in a small office off of Tricia’s kitchen.

Alyssa Canfield – Graphics Guru

Graphic Design  •  Account Management
Marketing Strategy

Alyssa came on board in 2007 as the office slave.  Word got out that she had mad design skills and was promptly yanked from her shackles to manage all things pretty.  She is a perfectionist and never depletes her creative well.  Both Jantris clients and staffers appreciate these qualities in Alyssa, and agree they more than make up for her all-out obsession with working out to compensate for her pizza addiction.

Rebecca Farin – Mistress of Misc. Stuff

Customer Service • Digital Marketing
Website Development

Rebecca officially started work at Jantris in 2015, but as the owner’s daughter, started crawling around the office floors back when she was only 3 years old.  Just like a deity with multiple hands, Rebecca has immense power and ability to perform several acts at the same time. From greeting clients to updating websites, preparing eblasts and tabulating research data, her degree in communications servers her well as she keeps the team and our clients up to date with all activities. No day is complete without getting links to songs or cute videos of puppies and kittens.

Kim Snyder – Wizard of Words

Social Media • Content Writer
Editor & Proofreader

Kim joined the team in 2013 as an all-purpose office minion, picking up tasks left and right. It soon became apparent she had an eccentric yet symbiotic relationship with the English language and quickly became the wordsmith of the building. Kim brings a quirky attitude to the team and keeps us on point by correcting our grammar and making sure we don’t overuse our commas.  Her way with words is only rivaled by her unending knowledge of useless information. Both she and Rebecca have an ongoing competition on who know more about Harry Potter.

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