Experience Marketing - Tantalizing the Senses to Wow Your Clients

Like many people I mindlessly go through my morning routine to such precision, that my dogs know how many steps it takes me to go from the coffee pot to my phone charger …the last 2 things I do before heading to work.  In the next 14 to 16 hours I will read hordes of emails, engage in several personal conversations, review posts, pictures and ads on countless websites and if time permits, maybe even venture into a store or two.  Throughout this typically hectic day, there will be several opportunities for all types of companies to try and sell their products and services to me.  But first, they have to capture my attention.

A goldfish?  Really?

Researchers found our average attention span went from twelve seconds in 2000 to eight seconds now, a whole second shorter than a goldfish. So when trying to market products and services to new markets, how can we get past all the competing distractions and an increasingly shrinking attention span?  It’s simple, really. Create a connection and make it memorable.

Sounds simple, but how?

Instead of thinking of ways to stand out from the competition, we need to connect with our clients.  A great strategy, but sometimes it is easier said than done.  Invite them into your space and create a comfort for them to learn more about what you do and how it benefits them. What about making it fun?  Somewhere along our journey, fun has taken a back seat to being proper or conforming to past processes.  I say, break down those barriers and help people to enjoy doing business with you.

Let’s talk sense.

Experience Marketing

Think about how your customers interact with your business.  What can you do to make the interaction special?  A day spa lights aromatherapy candles to give customers a sense of relaxation, thus creating an experience.  What else can be done?  Consumers are not thinking about how your business makes them feel emotionally.  Using sense experiences, you can trigger reactions that are subtle without being invasive.

Consider how the following examples use the 5 senses to bring a new perspective on how to engage people and keep them interested:

  • Sound – Marketing to a younger audience?  Play louder, club-style music in your business.  Abercrombie & Fitch does just that.  It pulls in a younger crowd that appreciates the atmosphere, thus overstimulating the brain resulting in more impulsive purchase behavior.  
  • Touch – Some pet shelters are now creating touch zones where puppies can be taken from their crates and held without supervision or time limits.  It provides an opportunity to socialize the animal and create a bond for anyone considering adoption.
  • Sight – Visit Google.com on special occasions and you will be greeted with a quirky graphic designed into their name. Simple, but fun.
  • Taste – Head into a liquor store on a Saturday and you will be greeted with a tasting of their featured wines, along with pairing information.
  • Smell – Ever been to Hershey Park?  The entire area smells like chocolate as they use cocoa mulch in their rose gardens. Very clever.

Go beyond the 8 seconds.

Be creative and think about what may work for your business.  Are you seasonal?  Do you serve different demographics?  Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and reach beyond the norm of what you typically do.  You don’t need to be Hershey to create a unique experience for your customers.  Think about your audience and what may draw them to an experience that will keep their attention beyond eight seconds.

If you are thinking about adding experiences to your marketing strategy and need some ideas, contact me at 203-426-9193 or tfarin@jantris.com

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Tricia Farin

As the founder and owner of Jantris Marketing Services, Tricia brings a rare combination of creativity and analytical prowess and maintains a rigorous focus on objectives to ensure business results. Her broad reaching, in-depth knowledge and versatility in the marketing industry are key components to her proven successful track record.